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Contemporary Literature

Tettrennial Drift
159 pages

This house is grass for bending light… or a home for a collection of fifteen years worth of introspective poetry and wonderful surreal drawings. Tettrennial Drift contains 77 poems with 23 finely detailed drawings. A second section, Monocular Park, contains over a hundred playful and abstruse short poems.

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Rocket Fish

302 pages

This is a book of short stories, including two novellas and one fable. It is an eclectic mix of fiction and non-fiction, related by themes, more than by writing style or genre. A running theme is the use of fear for personal gain, and as an influence on our personality.

Sense in Fear
Arcade Impressions
Rocket Fish
New Comedy
Viva Mexico
Ken and 100 Monkeys
Case 5323
The Chinese Box
Hawthorne Girls
Night Wall
The Three Great Archers


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Magpie Astro Turf
275 pages

This is another eclectic mix of stories, sharing themes using different stylistic approaches for different genres. With a focus on irony, these stories reveal a wonderful failing trait of individuals and groups when they convert, bend, ignore, or steal a slice of reality to benefit themselves.

Nearly Hers
A Puppy in the Sun
Watch My . . .
Friday Drinks
The Lover
Magpie Astro Turf
Deadly Aphasia
Bachelor Auction
Lara Wood

Available: January, 2014