Duncan Weller - Illustration+ Paintings

The Ugg Crashes the Set
This painting was recently commissioned by the Confederation College Film Program in Thunder Bay. Three thousand posters will be distributed to Ontario high schools and colleges. The painting will also be used in the story, The Ugg Travels.


Portrait of Evgenia
This is an oil portrait of Evgenia Deichman, a sixteen year old Russian immigrant who commissioned me to paint her as "The Girl With The Pearl Ear Ring" by Dutch master Jan Vermeer. Evgenia's high school history teacher told her she resembled the mysterious woman with the turban.

Open Day - Yellow Path
This large oil painting sold in a show at a popular gelato shop in North Vancouver. It was meant to be the first in a series of paintings, but the ideas were put on hold as a result of my restless relocation habits.

Stolen Snails - Centerpiece
This drawing was purchased by the Thunder Bay Art Gallery in 2008. The image here is a small section of the drawing. This started as a commission but due to tragic events I ended up with the drawing. It has inspired a story I may get to one day.

This small oil painting was a gift to a friend after visiting Quebec years ago.

Secrets of Victoria II
I created a fun and wild style of abstracted characters using a scratch technique with pins stuck through an eraser.

Spiral Formation
This painting, based on a quick sketch of a staircase, is a medium sized oil painting originally meant to be the cover for Tettrennial Drift. This painting was used as a part of a set for a stage play called "I Hate Hamlet!" During the fighting scenes I was worried the actors would put their swords through the canvas. The painting survived and I still enjoy Hamlet.

Her Room
This is a very large acrylic painting I did for fun after moving into a small bachelor apartment in Victoria, B.C. There have been three serious attempts to buy the painting. This painting and several other similar paintings were used on the sets of a few television series shot in Vancouver.